10 Inch Berkley Power Worms

Just when you thought you needed to fill your tackle box with all the new and exotic baits, one bait continues to out shine them all. Berkley’s 10” power worm. This bait has been a staple on the bass circuits for years. It’s not flashy, but it does the job.

The rubber worm was one of the first soft plastic imitation baits on the market. Any company that makes soft plastic lures offers a version of the rubber worm. So why pick Berkeley’s worm?
For starters, Berkeley has been around for years. They are a proven manufacture of quality lures and baits. The powerbait® series of soft plastics is a great plastic formulation. Berkeley has spent many years perfecting this formulation for the 10 inch power worms. Bass can’t seem to resist it. As their ad’s state fish “won’t let go”.

The Berkley 10” power worm is truly remarkable bait. The methods for fishing it are unlimited. One can drag a Texas rig over scattered weedy bottoms, pull a Carolina rig over rocks, or flip a Florida rig to heavy cover. Some of the better colors are darker shades including black, tequila, motor oil or red shad to name a few. Whatever color of fishing method you choose, consider a 10 inch worm when you are searching for that next trophy bass.

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