4 Inch Berkley Power Worms

Berkley power worms are one of the best baits on the market. One that you will want to keep in your tackle box at all times. These baits come in a variety of sizes and colors. When it comes to color, keep it simple. Stick with the most natural colors. Black, pumpkinseed and watermelon are the three best colors on the market. Yes, there are other colors that work, but in most situations, these three colors will produce nice fish. When it comes to size of the worms, you can’t go wrong with a four in worm.

The 4” Berkley power worms are great post spawn baits. Great for fishermen with limited soft plastic experience, tie on a Texas rigged 4” black Berkley power worm and start fishing. This is the simplest way to use the bait and one that can catch some large bass. Use a 1/8 or ¼ oz weight, the lightest weight possible based on the wind condition for the day. Tie on a 1/0 wide gap hook. Find the best point with weeds. Work the main point and both edges methodically. This bait is best when tossed out and drug slowly back. It can’t over emphasize how slow to pull it back.

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