The Reel Fishing Lure was made by Clint Losee, an eager fly fisher of 30+ years, computer programmer, and Utah Nature Photographic artist, with the expectations of spreading some essential information, tips, procedures, and data about fly fishing and figuring out how to fly fish.

Starting at eight years old, Clint was at that point a fisher by heart. He went through incalculable hours following his dad and sibling into the outside to learn essential fishing strategies and gain a general love of the game. It was around then that fly fishing was introduced to him and alongside his sibling and father they searched out to get familiar with the game. In those days there truly wasn’t the choice of a “how to fly fish” site or even many books regarding the matter. It boiled down to an experimentation kind of approach. This wasn’t the most proficient way and demonstrated very disappointing. Weeks passed by without a fish to the net. Then one day at a high height lake here in the Territory of Utah, a fish was arrived on a basic dry fly. He was snared.

Since that day Clint has proceeded to keep learning and expanding his insight into fly fishing. He went through years seeking after numerous various species with a fly and acquiring information about the many-sided perspectives from strategies, hardware, perusing the water, and entomology. Joining all of this permitted him to start seeking a spot with Fly Fishing Crew USA, which is as yet a continuous pursuit. His most elevated setting incorporates two top ten completions, one in California and one in North Carolina, as well as contending in two Public Titles in Rock, Colorado and State School, Pennsylvania. He presently invests however much energy as could be expected on the water attempting to consummate new procedures and realizing everything to find out about fly fishing.

One can never completely know it all there is about fly fishing and he won’t ever profess to know it all also. He would like to share what he has realized throughout the long term to assist those with a craving to find out about fly fishing and the fly fishing nuts and bolts. Figuring out how to fly fish just takes a little information and practice and sooner than you would expect you’ll be out on your number one stream or lake, projecting a fly through the air to a rising trout. There’s no way you can beat that.

The Reel Fishing Lure is here to assist you with accomplishing your objective of figuring out how to fly fish. Go ahead and contact The Reel Fishing Lure with any inquiries you might have en route. Tight lines everybody!