Berkley 10″ Motor Oil Power Worms

One of the best fishing lures around is the Berkley Power Worm.  But you already know that.  This page is dedicated to the motor oil 10" Berkley Power Worms.  So why a page just to that specific color?  Because it is one of the best colors around for catching bass.

There is a reason that people buy the motor oil color in 100 packs (or even greater!).  It flat out works.  Once you have found a color that works, stick with it.  The motor oil color is a very natural looking color for bass, and the lure has proven itself over and over again.  To say it is time tested would be an understatement.  Known to be especially potent in clear water situations, but still effective in stained water applications, the motor oil color while seemingly not appealing to the human eye is a bass catching dream.  Try one out the next time you are on the lake and see if you can coax a few fish into biting.

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