Best Line For Crankbaits

So you are sitting at home with that newly acqured custom painted crankbait and now you are wondering what is the best line for crankbaits.  The answer to that depends on what type of fishing you are planning on doing.  As a general rule the thinner diameter the line the deeper the crankbait will dive.  For that reason as a general rule a smaller diameter line such as 8-10 pounds test is a staple of most crankbait fishermen.  I really try to avoid going any smaller than 8 pound test line when fishing with a crankbait because it seems that breakoffs are a lot more common.  It wouldn't seem to be a big difference between 6 and 8 pound test, but in my experience it is huge.  So, for my best line for crankbait fishing lures it would have to be 8 or 10 pound test monofilament.

That said, if you are fishing shallow water filled with submurged stumps / wood or heavy vegetation in places then I would beef up the line you are using.  In shallow water losing dive depth can actually be a very good thing and in addition should there be any places that the fish would swim into that would be hard to pull them out of I have some extra umpfh to heave them towards the boat.  Similarly, if I am trolling a crankbait in rock laden water I would also beef up my line.  When I say beef up line, I mean move up to 14-17 pound test line for these applications.

So, how much does line diameter affect the dive depth of a crankbait?  Well, after doing some research it seems to me that the right answer is something in the neighborhood of 10% per 2 lb test.  So if you are trolling a size 7 Rapala Shad Rap behind your boat, it would be expected to dive to a maximum of 11 feet with 10 pound test line.  So if 8 pound test were used instead, it would be expected to dive to 12 feet.  Likewise, if 12 pound test were used the maximum depth would be expected would be 10 feet.

What do you think is the best line for crankbaits?

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