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Fishing is a great way to get meat and other supplies while you're exploring the island. Fish can be found all over the map, so it's not like there's a limited supply of them. With some careful planning and preparation, you'll be able to start fishing immediately after leaving the first area in your journey across Ark: Survival Evolved.

Craft a fishing rod.

To craft a fishing rod, you'll need to find a rod and string. To do this, find the crafting tab in your inventory and select "Make." This will open up a menu where you can choose between different materials and equipment to create. You'll see rods at the bottom of your crafting list under "Tools". Select "Rod" from the list of possible options for this item and then hit "Create." Now that you have a rod (and strings), you can move on to setting it up for use!

Find some bait (meat, bug repellent, extract).

The most common bait is meat, but bug repellent and extracts can also be used. Meat is found in dead bodies around the island. Bug repellent can be crafted from berries, which are found on bushes throughout the world. Extracts are made from honeycombs, which are located in beehives or nests that you'll find while exploring the island.

Equip the rod in your hotbar.

Hold the fishing rod in your hot bar, then equip it by pressing the Q button. When you have a fishing rod equipped, you can press LMB to cast your line.

You can only fish while standing in water; you cannot fish while swimming or running on land.

The fish are be marked as red floating icons in the body of water.

When looking for fish, the first thing you'll notice is a red blinking icon on top of the water. This indicates that there are fish in this body of water, so if you see an icon without blinking it means that there are no fish present. You can only see these icons when you're close enough to them if they're too far away, they won't be visible until you're right next to it.

Turn on "automatically use food," if you have it.

One of the best features in Ark has to be Auto-Feed, which is what you should turn on if you have it. This will automatically consume food when you catch a fish, and can also be manually used by clicking the left mouse button while next to the inventory icon.

If you don't have this turned on, then go into your options menu under gameplay > settings and locate "Automatically use food." From here, just check the box next to it!

Press and hold LMB to throw the line out.

Press and hold the LMB to cast your line. The longer you hold down the button, the farther you'll throw your line. Your bobber will float up and down on the water as it is moved by currents or wind, but if a fish bites, the bobber will sink straight down into the water and pull against your rod.

Reel in the bobber when it tilts down toward the water.

Now that you have baited your fishing pole and cast it into the water, you can begin reeling in your catch. Simply press and hold LMB to reel in the bobber on your fishing pole. The bobber will tilt down toward the water when a fish bites, so keep an eye on it in case this happens. When this happens, immediately reel in as quickly as possible until you feel resistance that means you've caught something!

If a fish has already bit into your bait but hasn't taken off with it yet, then wait for a moment before reeling back out. This will help ensure that they take off with your bait completely (and not just half of it). Reeling too quickly may cause them to break free from their line and escape once again!

Fishing is a fun way to get meat and other supplies from a body of water

Fishing is a fun way to get meat and other supplies from a body of water. You can also catch fish to eat. If you’re using bait, that means you have to have some kind of animal carcass nearby, so it’s best if you hunt for animals first before fishing, but if there are none around then a single piece of meat will do fine too.

If you want to use bait at all (which is usually recommended), then make sure there are at least four pieces of it in your inventory when starting out you won't be able to catch anything at all without enough bait on hand!


Fishing is a fun way to get meat and other supplies from a body of water. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on twitter @kloud9!


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