how to fish in genshin impact


If you've ever wanted to fish in Genshin Impact, this guide is for you. Fishing is a relaxing pastime that allows you to bond with nature and get some good exercise. It's also a great way to earn cash if you have the patience to catch a big one!

Find a fishing pond.

If you want to fish in Genshin Impact, you can fish in the fishing ponds throughout the game. The fishing pond is located near the oasis in the red desert. It's near the temple of time, so it's easy to get there!

Equip your fishing rod

To equip your fishing rod, you need to open up the inventory. Once you've done that, press right on the d-pad until it says "equip," and press X. Your fishing rod will be at the top of your inventory and should be selected as soon as you press X.

Once equipped, you can use it anywhere in Genshin Impact to catch something! You can also buy a new one from the store for 30 GP (or 30 coins if you have that currency). If there's no water around or you don't have any money, this won't work out so well for us!

Cast your line

Casting your line is a simple process that happens in three steps:

  • Hold down the left mouse button and drag it to the right.

  • Release the left mouse button to cast your line.

  • Reel in your fish when they get close enough to your character by using the right mouse button.

reel in your fish

Reel in your fish by using the fishing rod. If it's too big, try catching a smaller one. If you don't catch a fish, try again!

Fishing is a relaxing activity in Kenshin impact.

Fishing is a relaxing activity in Genshin Impact. You can fish in any fishing pond, and you can equip your favourite fishing rod with a fishing rod and bait. Cast your line into the pond to catch fish, then reel in your fish to collect it!

There are three types of fish: common, rare, and unique. Common fish have no special attributes; they're just good for cooking or as ingredients for items you can sell at shops (like potions). Rare fishes grant additional buffs when cooked or added to an item's recipe. Unique fishes are only available once per save file if you catch them again after catching them before (you can use them for quests or trade with other players).


Fishing is a relaxing activity in Genshin Impact.


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