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Go Fish is one of the most popular and well-known card games. It's easy to learn, and anyone can play it. But if you need a little help winning at Go Fish, read on for these tips that will make you more competitive:

See an explanation of the rules here.

Go fish is a card game in which players take turns asking others for cards from their hand. The rules of the game vary depending on how many people are playing and what age group of children you're dealing with.

The point of go fish is to collect as many cards as possible, so that your opponent has none left. Players can also try to force their opponents into taking certain cards from their hands by saying "go fish," which requires them to pick another card at random from the pile.

If you would like to play this game with more than two people, add one additional deck of cards so there are enough for each player (52). To increase difficulty levels, shuffle all four decks together before starting!

If your partner has a fish, always ask for it.

  • If your partner has a fish, always ask for it.

  • If your partner doesn't have a fish, don't ask for it.

  • If you have a pair (two of the same card), always ask for it!

Sometimes lead with a low number if you don't have many high numbers.

Sometimes it's better to lead with a low number if you don't have many high numbers. When this happens, the person receiving your card will almost always have a higher number than the one you've just played. This means that they'll end up playing their own low number right away and you'll be able to take one of their high cards as well.

If there are no high cards left in play and all players are out of them, then each player must pick one card from their hand and lay it face down on the table. The winner goes first and then turns over his/her card so that everyone can see it. That player then adds up all of his points: 1 point for each heart (♥) or spade (♠), 2 points for each diamond (♦), 3 points for clubs (♣), 4 points for jacks (J) or queens (/Q).

The next person does the same thing until everyone has turned over their cards; then another round begins.

Don't forget about the Jacks, Queens and Kings!

If you're playing with a group of people, it's important to remember that the Jacks, Queens and Kings are also special cards. If someone asks for a King and you have one in your hand, make sure not to give it away. The same goes for if they ask for a Queen or Jack don't give them away! If you do, your opponent may be able to win the game on their turn.

Be careful about asking for matching pairs.

  • Don't ask for a matching pair if you only have one card of that number. Your partner will know this and will probably not give it to you, so don't ask for it.

  • Don't ask for a matching pair if your partner already has two of that number. If they do, then asking for the third card means you're basically saying "I want all three cards on this one." This can be interpreted as rude and greedy. Asking again is basically like saying "Hey, I've already got two (or more) of these in my hand but could I have another? Oh man thank you so much!" The polite thing to do here would be simply to say "no thanks" instead of making such an obvious display of your desire.

Get rid of pairs you have as soon as possible.

The best way to win Go Fish is to get rid of your pairs as soon as possible. Don't wait until you have a lot of pairs, because then it's hard to keep track of what other people have and they can easily trick you into thinking they don't have the card you want. Be brave and ask for any pair that you already have: even though it feels embarrassing, your opponent may well not notice that you already had that pair in your hand! And don't be afraid to ask for the same pair more than once: if someone thinks they're tricking us into giving up our valuable cards by asking for something we've already got, we'll just respond with "I'm sorry" or "Is this yours?" If we look confused when confronted with this question, our opponents will think we really do need a better memory and will probably stop trying so hard next time around.

In short: Get rid of pairs quickly!

These tips will help you win the game.

  • Be careful about asking for matching pairs.

In the same way that you can make a good move by asking for a matching pair, it's possible to make a bad move by not asking for one. If your partner has the number 1 card in the deck and they ask you if they have any 2s, you should tell them that they don't have any 2s (and vice versa). This will give them both sets of numbers so that they are able to play their cards, which means they're unable to win even if they try later on with another hand. Asking too many questions can lead to your opponent being able to help themselves win more easily than before and as soon as one person wins two rounds in a row, everyone loses!

  • Get rid of pairs as soon as possible.

The goal of go fish is not just about collecting pairs; rather, it's about getting rid of them quickly so that other players don't have time to play their own cards during those turns instead of yours! If someone plays three or four cards at once during their turn instead of singling out one pair each time like most people do then chances are good that none will end up winning anyway because there wasn't enough time left over after playing every single round without stopping once-- especially since there were too many chances taken when trying other things instead like getting rid off extra cards first before moving onto something else entirely different altogether...


Now you should be well-equipped to win your next Go Fish game. You’ll have fun playing, and the other players will appreciate your knowledge of the rules.


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