Yamamoto Senkos

The Senko has been one of the top lures in fishing clubs for years. It is always in the top 5 for fish catching baits. This is one of the best all around baits you can have. The combinations of do nothing and soft salty body, when a bass bites on it holds one. Yes, you will go through a few more senkos than some of the other knock off brands, but nothing beats the original Gary Yamamoto senko.

This bait can be fished deep, shallow, or in between. If you have the patience, one great method for fishing this is to go to a deep weedline and cast to the edge and let it sink. One trick is to measure off an amount of line and then count down while you dip the senko into the water. Determine how fast the bait sank and then you can figure out the time for it to hit the bottom, depending on the depth your in. Grab your chair and cast out. Count down and let it sink. Your not done. Watch that line for any sign of twitch or movement. If you see something, reel the slack in and set the hook good and hard. If nothing hit by the time it makes it to the bottom, let it sit for a minute or two. Yes, this can be painstaking, but the rewards can be awesome.  Check out the great options here for senkos for sale.

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