Zoom Brush Hog

Brush hogs are great dirty water baits. Use them for large mouth bass in the backwaters of your favorite river or try them on any lake that is slightly stained to dirty. They key with this bait is it’s large appendages, legs, and shape create movement in the water. In dirty water where vision is impaired, even for the bass, the movement creates sound and in turn triggers a bass to go check things out. When a bass gets close to a brush hog, they can’t resist the idea of eating it.
Flipping and pitching Zoom brush hogs is a great method for catching some nice bass. When the water is dirty, typically the bass will hang tight to the best cover you can find. Weeds, docks, rocks, wood. You name the cover and changes are a bass will be sitting under it. Try tossing a brush hog to a log next time your out in a stained body of water and hold on. Chances are that you will be reeling in one of your best catches of the day.

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