Zoom Centipede

The centipede, aka the “French Fry”, is one of the best-kept secrets in fishing. This little bait has caught many a bass. Depending on the time of year, this bait can be fished many ways. In spring, start off with a 2/0 hook and a pinch on 1/32 weight or go with a 5/0 hook with no weight. Use it similar to a senko. Cast it out and let it sink, deadstick it for as long as you can stand it. Every so often lift the road tip up to see if there is any weight. If so, set the hook and hold on. Many big bass have come off this small bait.

Mid summer, skip the Zoom centipede under docks. One can go behind others using senko’s or tubes and mop up after them. This finesse bait can skip way under a dock with little to no noise or commotion to spook the bass.
Carolina rigging is another great method for fishing a centipede. This can be done in pre-spawn, post spawn, or late summer. Tie on your favorite color and drag it over weeds or rocky cover. This finesse bait can produce some nice bass.  Once you have tried it and found it success, it will be hard for you to not use the Zoom Centipede often.

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